Davis standard extruders

Who is Davis Standard

Davis-Standard is a global leader in the design, development, and distribution of extrusion and converting technology. Our systems encompass over 11 product lines to support manufacturing applications and customers in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, building & construction, consumer products, medical, and packaging.

Why Davis standard

Davis Standard supplies tailored solutions with flawless implementation, delivered through exceptional end-to-end customer experience. Not only do we tailor our products and support services to meet the specific needs of each and every customer, but we also aim to do so through differentiated customer experience. 

Adams Engineers and Davis Standard

Adams Engineers and Equipment is the regional representatives for Davis Standard in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Our office is centrally located in Jacksonville, Texas. 

Pipe, Profile and Tubing


Our pipe, profile, and tubing extruders and systems are engineered to help you manufacture tight tolerance products with minimal downtime. Extruders are available in a range of L/D ratios in both air-cooled and water-cooled variants, and combine technology with functional design to process just about any thermoplastic material. Systems can be customized to meet the processing rates and requirements for any pipe, profile, or tubing process.


Super Blue Extruder

The high-performance, cost-competitive Super Blue® extruder sizes 2" (50mm) to 4.5" (114mm). Is engineered for custom profile and tubing applications as well as fiber, sheet, and basic wire and cable processes. Advantages of this design include double reduction gearboxes with helical carburized gears, an integral high capacity thrust bearing, cast iron feed section, bimetallic barrel, and heated clamp arrangement, DSBM-T™ barrier mixing feedscrew and integrated control cabinet. VIEW SUPER BLUE EXTRUDER

MEDD Extruder (Medical Extruder Direct Drive)

    The MEDD extruder from Davis-Standard, LLC exemplifies processor demands with a small footprint and performance features for co-extrusion and multi-layer applications. This extruder is available in sizes ranging from 3/4 inch (19mm) to 1 inch (25mm), utilizes a direct drive motor versus belts and sheaves, and has a smaller footprint for close proximity to the common die. VIEW MEDD EXTRUDER

Groove Feed Extruder

    Davis-Standard’s groove feed extruder technology and patented DSB® barrier screw design offer processors a fully engineered solution for high-output applications. This high-performance extruder is based on Davis-Standard’s popular Thermatic® design. Davis-Standard has made significant advancements in groove feed bushing design and barrier screw design to enable processing high-output low-melt temperature, improved mixing and homogenization, and linear output. VIEW THERMATIC GF EXTRUDER


Davis-Standard's feedscrews are the industry standard for design and mixing performance. High output rates, product consistency, and energy efficiency are hallmarks of our feedscrew technology. Feedscrews are available from 3/4 to 12
inches in diameter
with varying L/D’s based on application. Each screw is designed for specific polymers and processes with customization available depending
on end product. We support the full range of extrusion and converting applications including blown film, blow molding, cast film, compounding, elastomer, extrusion
coating, fiber, laboratory, pipe, profile, and tubing, reclaim, sheet and specialty systems.



We’ve designed, engineered, and manufactured feedscrews for over 60 years, giving us a significant advantage. From start to finish, our process is state-of-the-art. Plasma arc welding stations provide wear-resistant materials such as Colmonoy 56 and Colmonoy 83. Three specially designed whirlers are used for screw cutting and milling to accommodate screws made of stainless steel, 4340 steel, or Inconel materials. These machines produce screw surfaces at very tight tolerances. After screws are milled and polished, they are then treated with chrome plating or other wear-resistant coatings.


Davis-Standard, LLC offers a complete range of bimetallic barrels to support all extrusion applications, including those with highly abrasive and corrosive properties. All products are based on extensive testing and customer feedback, and have evolved over the years to support marketplace demands. Our manufacturing facility in the United States is unparalleled when it comes to bimetallic barrel production, service, and support. We build bi-metallic barrels ranging in bore size from 3/4 to 20 inches (19 to 500mm) in diameter and up to 315 inches (8,000mm) long. VIEW DAVIS STANDARD EXTRUSION BARRELS


Our in-stocking program allows us to have the most common barrel sizes readily available for quick delivery. Installation assistance includes bore scoping to ensure machine alignment for minimal screw and barrel wear.


Davis-Standard’s global offering of equipment upgrades, spare parts, and service provides optimum performance for your extrusion equipment. We offer access to the latest aftermarket equipment and extruder refurbishing services.


Davis-Standard melt pump is not a unit originally designed for some other application – it was specifically designed for service with precision extruders. Simple, easy to clean design

Process Controls upgrades

Multi-level control upgrades for Davis-Standard’s three most widely used control systems – the DS-eTPC, DS-eVUE, and EPIC III® – are continually available to address a wide range of process requirements and budgets. These controls are built to support both Davis-Standard and non-Davis-Standard equipment.