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Reiloy USA was founded as Westland Corporation in 1988 and joined the Reifenhäuser Group in 2012. Adams and Reiloy partner in our expertise reagrding injection molding screws, extrusion screws, screw designs, and processing support. Reiloy pushes the limits to help injection, extrusion, and blow molding plastic processors reach or exceed their production goals. As part of the Reifenhäuser Group, Reiloy has the backing of the leading provider of innovative technologies and components for plastic processing.  


Reiloy USA Screws and Barrels are built in the USA at its facilities in (Wichita) Kansas. Reiloy is here to make recommendations for designs, types of steel, and secondary treatments crucial to reduce or prevent abrasive, corrosive, or adhesive wear. Reiloy utilizes the only production process for bimetallic barrels that produces the metal alloys used in their manufacturer, guarantees total control of the process to the finished product.


Reiloy USA can manufacture a Bimetallic Barrel in industry leading times from our stock of highly wear-resistant barrels blanks with 100’s of standard size blanks in stock.

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precise technology 

Reiloy USA understands the importance of being skilled in today’s technology while staying on the cutting edge of ideas to improve processing, production, and profits. In fact, we are known as a leader when it comes to bringing ingenuity to the table. However, our goals are always centered on bringing value to our customers. Reiloy Metall located in Trosidorf Germany is the only manufacturer of bimetallic barrels in the world that produces its own metallic powder in house. This provides end to end control over the quality of our barrels, from the raw materials to the finished barrel. 

Experts within the plastics industry

Industries served include Injection, Thermoset, LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), Blow Molding, Sheet, Profile, Tube and Film Extrusion.

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The eagle mixing screw

The Eagle mixing screw is a no shear, distributive and dispersive mixing screw that provides the processor with outstanding color mixing and melt quality - all without increasing melt temperature, burning or degradation while running at very high RPM. The Eagle can be designed for most resins. This patented technology improves production rates while reducing color concentrate levels.

The Eagle® is used with custom-designed single flighted screws and also with barrier designs for special applications


Centrifugal induction casting

Reiloy manufactures all of its bimetallic barrels on centrifugal induction casting lines with integrated process control, also developed in-house. The results: 100% stress-free bimetallic barrel blanks. This eliminates the need for work-intensive operations like straightening or stress-relief baking during the mechanical processes further down the road.

powder atomization

Reiloy produces its own Hard Metal Alloy Powder using a gas atomizer at our Troisdorf Germany location. In our research and development, we cooperate closely with machine builders, raw material producers, as well as universities and colleges.



Reiloy offers a wide variety of screws for extrusion and injection molding: 3-zone screws, multiple pitch screws, barrier screws, and vented screws. Reiloy also has the capability to print existing screws. 

Design screws

You can get more out of your production plant if you select the right screw design. Take advantage of our expertise and experience for screw engineering

Hard Facing & Through Hardening

Highly wear-resistant high-performance Screws are manufactured in a wide variety of steels and alloys including 4140HT, 4340HT, Nitralloy 135-M, 17-4PH Stainless, PMM4, PM 9V & PM 420, Elmax, Inconel & Hastelloy. Hard Faced Welded flights with cobalt-based Stellite and Nickel-based Colmonoy materials. Through hardened screws are also available. 

Surface Treatments

Surface treatments available include Gas and Ion Nitride, Hard chrome plating, Ceramic chrome, and Carbide encapsulation


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Bimetallic barrels

Reiloys top alloys for bimetallic barrels provide optimum protection against wear and corrosion. The blanks are 100% stress-free due to the use of inductive centrifugal casting lines with integrated process controls developed inhouse.

Hardening Alloys

In house manufactured metal alloy powder for bimetallic barrels is available in a variety of alloys. Alloys available include Standard R121 Iron-based alloy with chromium carbide for wear resistance up to 30% GF, and Premium R216 Nickel-based alloy with tungsten carbide for high wear and corrosion resistance

Screw & Barrel Handbook



Reiloy USA believes in a scientific approach. On staff, we have several mechanical and plastics process engineers. The balance of our sales and other support positions are filled with people having years of practical, on-the-floor, industry-related experience. Many of us have been in your shoes. The right screw and barrel combination can make the difference between mediocre performance and high-profit productivity. It can improve cycle times for specialized applications. Let us be your solution.

On-site measuring & mapping

Reiloy USA has engineers that will come on-site to validate and measure screws and barrels when needed. Reiloy also offers services for shipping screws and barrels to our facility for mapping and analysis. 


In the manufacture of screws and barrels we attach importance to three criteria: Best quality, highest efficiency, and timely delivery. To fulfill these requirements we rely on highly qualified employees, state-of-the-art machines, latest planning software, and transparent communication with our customers.


Our quality is not just certified according to ISO 9001:2015, but also transparent. During production, all barrels and screws are periodically checked for perfect quality with the latest testing and measuring equipment. The results are documented and archived after evaluation.

Consulting Service

We are a manufacturing company, but primarily we are a competent consultant. We use our expertise in engineering and metallurgy and processing to find optimal specifications for plasticizing units, select suitable material combinations, and support you in your development of new screws and barrels to improve profitability and functionality.