3D Printers

innovative Technology

Are you searching for a way to make your additive manufacturing process more efficient? Our 3D Printers not only cut down your material waste, they also bring inifnite design possibilities for your products.

Being industry experts in the field of plastics has helped us formulate the most efficient process for additive manufacturing. By reexamining system concepts, we can find efficient additive manufacturing solutions for your company, customized to your needs.


Mass Customization

When producing products through additive manufacturing, we can provide the advantage of customer specific mass production (mass customization.) In this process, the same part is produced in different forms of personalized specifications. This enables individuality in series production, while keeping the cost per part unchanged.


Limitless design, endless possibilities

With the moldless technology of our printers, you have limitless limitless design options! This also enables on demand manufacturing according to individual requirements. Even the production of complex structures is not a problem!

Our demand-oriented production systems also fit exactly to the requirements of your application. They are designed and implemented holistically.