Pelletizers, Ovens & Pelletizing systems

Innovative Solutions for Energy Savings

ECON has been a premier underwater pelletizing specialist for over 20 years. In the pelletizing field, ECON makes the impossible possible. Their passion for technology ensures your success through constant innovative development. 

Econ's equipment is energy efficient, saving you time and money. Contact us today to discover what equipment will meet your needs!




ECON is the leading provider of underwater pelletizing technology with thermally insulated die plates. The die plate is fixed on the heated carrier body. The thermal insulation ensures that the melt in the die holes will not "freeze". ECON pelletizers are not sensitive to fluctuations in output, thus making the pelletizing process extremely reliable and guaranteeing high operating efficiency.


Pellet Dryers

ECON carries a variety of pellet drying systems. We can help you find the right system to meet your facility's needs.


Cleaning Oven

The ECON Pyrolysis Furnace EPO was developed for environmentally friendly and gentle cleaning of extrusion and filter parts. Thermoplastics and mixed plastics are removed under vacuum without any cleansing agent at a variable working temperature.


Thermal Insulation

Econ's pelletizing systems set a new standard in efficiency with their advanced thermal insulation system. One standout benefit is the prevention of freezing in the die-holes, ensuring uninterrupted production and minimizing downtime. The system maintains a constant melt temperature across the entire length of the nozzle, resulting in consistent and high-quality output. Additionally, the insulation system prevents overheating of the melt, enhancing the longevity of equipment and reducing the risk of defects. With Econ's innovative solution, users can achieve a larger throughput range per hole, boasting an impressive ratio of up to 1:8. Furthermore, the minimal heat flow to the process water not only optimizes operational conditions but also contributes to substantial energy savings, aligning with sustainable and cost-effective production practices. Choose Econ for a pelletizing system that redefines thermal efficiency and elevates your processing capabilities.


Econ's innovative thermal insulation system empowers the pelletization of plastics with elevated temperature requirements or a substantial percentage of filled materials, ensuring versatility in processing various formulations. The technology is particularly adept at handling materials with a high melt flow rate, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of industries. Moreover, Econ's innovation extends to accommodating high-temperature ranges, compounds laden with high filler content, and materials with rubber-like, adhesive, or viscous properties. The system's adaptability is further underscored by its capability to efficiently pelletize micro pellets. Elevate your pelletizing capabilities with Econ's pioneering technology, breaking barriers in material processing.