At Adams Engineers & Equipment, our business was forged with a clear goal: to help plastic processing businesses in Oklahoma maximize their return on investment from exceptional products and engineering consulting services. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the best plastic processing equipment products in Oklahoma coupled with the understanding needed to properly utilize the tools and machinery that keep their businesses at optimal efficiency. Our cutting edge technological offerings, peerless insight, and long history of engineering expertise are available to help ensure your business’s long-term success.

Our team of expert engineers and additive manufacturing equipment gurus serve our Oklahoma customers with detailed, hands-on application knowledge – that way, they can be confident in their investments with every purchase.

Our sophisticated engineering solutions and equipment sales are ideal for streamlining your plastic processing operations in Oklahoma, optimizing every aspect of your facility’s workflow in cities like:

  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • McAlester, OK
  • Tulsa, OK

Due to the constant evolution of automation and innovation the plastics manufacturing and processing industry of Oklahoma experiences, you know you have myriad opportunities to improve and product better products. As engineering consultants and plastic processing equipment providers in Oklahoma, Adams Engineers & Equipment are your ideal partner for anticipating every new development.

Plastic Processing Equipment Sales in Oklahoma

When you need industry-leading design for additive manufacturing (DFAM) for your Oklahoma facility, you need to know you’re getting the very best from a company you can trust. By upgrading your production lines with cutting edge industrial 3D printers from Adams Engineers, you’re guaranteed to receive machinery from the best manufacturers in the business, made from high-quality materials.

No matter if you’re a small business just starting in the plastic processing industry or a large corporation, our engineering consultation and product development insights ensure creative, cost-effective solutions for your success. We work hard to make our process as straightforward and streamlined as possible so you can solve your most difficult factory floor issues and continue producing the products your customers need.

Our customers and clients have access to our wide range of exceptional plastic processing equipment, including:

Whether you’re interested in Oklahoma injection molding robots, extruders, industrial 3D printers, DFAM, material handling, and plastic storage systems, industrial process cooling systems, cooling towers, size reduction granulators and shredders, plastic recycling systems, or otherwise, Adams Engineers & Equipment supplies the industry’s very best.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Partnering with the Adams Engineers & Equipment team brings much more than a simple connection to high-quality plastic processing equipment in Oklahoma. We regularly help processors develop new techniques for their production lines and utilize the latest and greatest additive manufacturing technologies for ensuring their long-term success. We provide on-site systems and equipment installation, project management services, workforce training services, equipment trials, and much more.

When you receive a new piece of equipment for your operation from us, we’ll work with you and your team so they understand exactly how it operates and its best utilization methods. We want your plastic processing equipment in Oklahoma to run at maximum efficiency round-the-clock.

Contact the Experts

Our decades of collective experience in engineering consulting services and plastic processing equipment sales in Oklahoma enable us to help businesses throughout the state. You’ll quickly recognize the hard work our team performs to provide clear communication across the board on progress updates and insight into the best equipment for your processing operation.

When it’s time you opted for new industrial 3D printers, extruders, injection molding systems, material handling solutions, design for additive manufacturing, process cooling systems, screws and barrels, and size reduction granulators and shredders in Oklahoma, choose Adams Engineers & Equipment. Contact us today so your business in Oklahoma City, McAlester, or Tulsa can learn more about our industry leading plastic processing equipment and engineering consulting services.