News - 2018 Molding Conference - February 26

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Molding 2018 is being held this year on February 26 in Park Grove, CA. Molding is an event focused on injection molding technology and features industry leaders discussing the latest developments in molding processes, equipment, and materials.

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This year's topics include:

  • Emerging Technologies: Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance

  • Materials: Engineering Materials, LSR, thermoplastic composites

  • Tools: intelligent tools, 3D printed production tools

  • Robots & Automation: collaborative robots, when to automate

  • Establish & Maintain Robust Processes: applying scientific molding

Representing ENGEL at the conference will be Joachim Kragel and Steve Broadbent. Joachim will be discussing self regulating molding systems and predictive maintenance. Steve will be presenting on process drift in LSR molding.

For more information on Molding 2018 go to the conference website.

For more on ENGEL visit our products page.

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