News - Do you know the condition of your screw?

As a plastic processor, your production is based on the amount of resin that can be plasticized each day. Whether injection molding, blow molding, or extrusion your process relies on plasticizing components (screws, barrels, and front-end elements).

But if you are not monitoring the condition of these parts it can have major consequences on your process including:

  • reduction in throughput
  • poor melt quality
  • increased energy costs
  • pressure variationsImage title
  • Most equipment manufacturers recommend that your plasticizing components be inspected yearly for most resins. More abrasive or corrosive materials may require inspection every six months.  This should include removing components from equipment, visually inspecting, and measuring wear. Tracking these measurements over time allows for planned replacements.

We at Adams Engineers help customers everyday measure and assess their components. We have partnered with Nordson-Xaloy to provide plasticizing repair and replacement.  If you would like help assessing your components please contact us.

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