News - ENGEL IQ Weight Control: The Smart Machine

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Everyday products and processes become more complex for injection molders. To keep up molding machines must continue to become smarter and more sophisticated.  Today, machines are capable of more challenging cycles and tighter tolerances and than ever before. But, so far little has been done to improve the entire molding process. Small fluctuations in processing conditions still have significant effects on final products.  Many things can cause instability in a process including:

  • changes in ambient conditions

  • inconsistent material quality 

  • improper mold cooling

Each of these can cause a change in the molding process. And to compensate for that change recipes are manually adapted or scrap generated. But what if the molding machine was smart? Smart enough to know when the process was changing and know how to compensate.

With ENGEL's IQ Weight Control this is now possible. The machine's software can detect fluctuations and adjust the process in real time. This ensures optimal part quality with each shot.

Watch the video below to see how IQ Weight Control works.

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