Flat-Top Chain Conveyors, Aluminum Frame


Modular, multi-flexing chain conveyors provide you with virtually unlimited layout and configuration possibilities. These conveyors are ideally suited to conveying plastic parts in robot take-away applications, parts cooling, product handling and flow, part assembly, and packaging systems.


This unique systematic chain system uses common components throughout. An extensive range of components and accessories provides solutions for the most diverse transport tasks. Some general components include:

  • Transport Chain Belts: High chain tensile forces and extremely stable plastic chains allow for better system performance.
  • Conveyor Profile and Slide Rails: are constructed of extruded, anodized aluminum.
  • Slide Rails: attach to the open interior flanges of the profile and serves as a track for the chain. Choose from four different types of rails, depending on your application. Slide Rails are available for all types of environments.
  • Drive Systems: modules are offered with left- and right-hand mounting options to maximize flexibility in layout and application. All drive and return modules feature stainless steel construction.
  • Curves: are available in either horizontal or vertical configurations, allowing the flow of product to be easily redirected to other areas of plant and secondary equipment for further processing.
  • Guide Systems: rails are used to provide lateral support to the product being conveyed and to maintain the product’s center of gravity on the chain media.
  • Leg Sets: are constructed of rugged extruded aluminum profile. The T-slot design provides a convenient and adjustable mounting location for accessory components.
  • Pallet Transport System

Flat Top Chain Conveyor Pallet Transport

Features Adaptive Modularity™ for extreme planning confidence, application flexibility, and fast, easy reconfiguration to meet changing production needs – with minimal re-investment and engineering effort. Pallet Transport System combines an array of perfectly matched parts with a modular architecture to move work pieces up to 8kg (18 pounds) at speeds of 18 m/min (60 ft/min). Extruded aluminum pallets are easily customized to any length from 80mm to 500mm – the longest customizable length available in the industry. EMI can help improve productivity, provide flexibility and reduce costs with the modular chain conveyor system. Contact our engineering department today to learn more about packaging, product and material transport flexibility.

180 Degree Flat Top Aluminum Frame Conveyor with adjustable side rails

Flat top aluminum frame conveyor

Variable Speed Flat Top Aluminum Frame Conveyor with Guide Rails

Flat top aluminum frame conveyor

Flat Top Aluminum Frame Conveyor with Guide Rails

Flat top aluminum frame conveyor

Self-Contained Part Cooling Application with Flat Top Aluminum Frame Conveyor

Self Contained Parts Cooling