RS Linear


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The ALPS RS Linear moving head leak tester uses an innovative, patented approach to inspect containers through the use of a continuous-motion, no-tooling machine. The system works on demand, monitoring the customer conveyor speed, sensing incoming containers and moving the test probe in sync with the movement of the bottle. This approach is ideal for hard-to-handle container designs. Typical speeds range from 10 CPM up to the 160 CPM range for the smallest containers.

Features and Benefits
  • Test Probe moves with each bottle via the use of a servo-driven slide.
  • Encoder input is used to monitor line conveyor speed.
  • Works over existing customer conveyors.
  • Recipe storage with alphanumeric naming.
  • Integrated automation ‘Self Test’ function.
  • Fiber optic photo-eye with a one-touch setup.
  • Hand crank height adjustment.
  • Height inspection options.