Speed Glider


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The ALPS Speed-Glider Multi-Station Moving Head Leak Tester is a multiple-station, continuous-motion, linear leak test system for empty containers. The Speed-Glider is designed for inspection speeds up to 500 containers-per-minute (30,000 containers-per-hour). Positive container handling and control is achieved through the use of precision timing screws for each container size, or timing screws may be shared between similar container sizes. The use of this single change part greatly simplifies setup and changeover, while ensuring optimized performance. The timing screw handles the container positioning and only a single sensor is used in the test area to verify the presence of containers. ALPS SpeedGlider Tester

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  • Inspection speeds up to 500 containers-per-minute (30,000 containers-per-hour).
  • Continuous motion operation.
  • Moving test heads.
  • Timing Screw handling.
  • No integrated conveyor.
  • Recipe storage with alphanumeric naming.
  • Fast, powerful PLC controller.
  • Integrated ‘Self Test’ function.
  • Container Presence Sensor.
  • Numeric display of probe and fill pressure regulators.
  • Laser Height inspection, Multi-speed, and Reject verification options available.