Powder FF Drawer Magnet


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Bunting Magnetics Poder Drawer Magnets for Fine-Grained Resins is a modification of the Neo FF Series designed to solve the problem of separating ferrous metal contaminants from fine-grained PVC and other powdery materials while preventing the product from escaping from the separator. The clear polycarbonate drawer front has leak-resistant seals and permits monitoring material flow and tramp iron accumulation.

The drawer magnets redesigned housing has been engineered to provide superior strength to bear the weight of in-feed hoppers and other processing components. We grind the inside of the housing smooth to facilitate cleaning and prevent powdered colorants and resins from clinging to the interior surfaces.


  • Slide gate
    • A completely enclosed gate within the housing so that any powders that cling to the slide gate will be redirected back into the product flow.