Film and Edge Trim Granulator | 4 HP to 30 HP Motors


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Una-Dyn thermoforming granulators are designed for efficient size reduction of thermoforming sheets and reject. Any application with thermoformed caps with models available fr in-line granulation. Different motor sizes are available for energy savings or high cutting power.


  • N17-38-ET1
  • S25-30-ET1/2
  • S25-45-ET1/2
  • S30-50-ET2
  • S30-50-R
  • N40-70-R
  • N40-70-ET2

Technical Data:

  • Designed for efficient size reduction of edge trims and film
  • 7 standard models, over 30 versions
  • Different motor size for energy saving or higher cutting power
  • Quick opening and easy cleaning


  • Extrusion
  • Film