G17 Series - Small Size Granulator | Up to 150 lbs/hr


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17 Series granulators are ideal for closed-loop beside-the-press recycling of runners and small parts fed by robot or conveyor. These quiet, energy-efficient granulators produce quality regrind with low rotor speed and high angle, scissor-type cutting. 17 Series are also ideal for small machine blow-molded scrap as they feature a tangential feed cutting chamber, open rotor with scooped design, solid flywheel, and may be configured with an optional machine mounted blower evacuation system. Throughput rates up to 150 lbs/hr (68 kg/hr).


  • G17-22
  • G17-38

Technical Data:

  • Throughput rates up to 150 lbs/hr (68 kg/hr)
  • Cutting Chamber: 170mm Dia
  • Designed for beside the press operation (injection and blow molding)
  • Six standard models, over 50 versions available
  • Two rotor design available
  • Reversible hopper
  • Slow rotor speed (100-135-210-250 RPM)
  • Automatic belt tension device
  • Lateral end discs which turn with the rotor
  • Standard screen in stainless steel
  • IP55 control cabinet and electrical motor
  • Quick opening and easy cleaning
  • Noise level largely within European norms EN 12012-1 appendix A