G40 Series - Large Size Granulator | 770 - 1,500 lbs/hr


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The N40 Series granulators are designed for grinding plastic and rubber wastes, molded parts, extruded sheets, and general industrial wastes. The rotors are available with 3 or 5 blades, depending on the application, and ensure a precise cutting action.


  • G40-70
  • G40-90

Technical Data:

  • Throughput rates from 770 to 1,500 lbs/hr (350 to 700 kg/hr)
  • Cutting chamber: ø 419 mm
  • Suitable for injection & blow molding, extrusion, and general-purpose applications
  • Three basic models, over 70 versions available
  • Tilting hopper manually operated for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Cutting chamber with side plates wear-resistant
  • Advanced “Scissor” cutting action, reduces energy consumption, heat, and dust generation
  • Fully sound enclosed for low operating noise level
  • A range of feed and discharge options are available to meet each customer requirements
  • Safety complies with CE standard

Designed For:

  • Medium-large wastes from purgings and casts
  • Large wastes from injection and blow molding
  • Tubes and profiles with large diameter
  • Power cables
  • Waste pieces already reduced in size
  • Pre-shredded tires without metals
  • In-line granulation