KA Series - Dust Collector


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The KA system is designed for conveying and de-dusting the material, releasing filtered air into the work environment, and cutting down noise emissions. Available in six models to satisfy all plant engineering requirements. The conveyor system is equipped with easily accessible and renewable filter cartridges. The system is modular, sturdy and compact, to adapt to all plant solutions. Accessories: antistatic bars, metal separators, DPM measuring devices. safeties conform to EC standards. Automatic and independent operation or can be interfaced with granulator/shredder.


  • KA04
  • KA07
  • KA012
  • KA110
  • KA145
  • KA350

Technical Data:

  • Designed for conveying and dust removal of materials with filtered air release into working ambient
  • A large number of different models to meet all requirements
  • Negative pressure transport to reduce material dust and noise emissions
  • Transport systems with filter cartridges that are easy to access and renew
  • Robust and compact modular structure that can be adapted to any plant layout
  • Accessories: antistatic bars, metal separators, DPM measurers
  • Safety in compliance with EC standards
  • Automatic and independent operation or interfaceable with granulator/crusher

Designed For:

  • Can be paired with a conveyor system