KD Series - Dust Separation System


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The KD dust separator is designed to separate and remove dust from the re-ground material. The working of the system is automatic and independent or it may be interfaced with a grinder granulator.


  • KD01
  • KD04-S
  • KD04
  • KD07
  • KD12

Technical Data:

  • Designed for de-dusting of plastic regrind. Filtered, dust-free air returned to ambient atmosphere
  • Can be floor standing or can be fitted to both new and existing granulators/shredders
  • Five models available for a variety of applications
  • Basic model KD01, low cost, and space-saving
  • Model KD04-S, easy to use and versatile. Features automatic cleaning cartridge filter working with negative air pressure
  • Three models, KD04, KD07, KD12, equipped with a negative air suction system and air filtration system with an automatic cartridge filter

Designed For:

  • Can be connected to a granulator or a shredder for automatic and/or independent operations