N Series - Medium Size Granulator | 660 - 2,200 lbs/hr


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The UDN35 and UDN55 Series granulators designed specifically for Bulky Parts. BP series features a tangential feed chamber and scooped 3 blade open rotor. They are ideal for large injection molded parts, blow molding and rotational molding applications. These models feature tangential feed cutting chambers and hopper. The UDN35 and UDN55 series feature throughput rates from 660 to 2,200 lbs/hr (300 to 1000 kg/hr) in a compact package designed to accommodate tight spaces and conveyor or robot drops.


  • N25-45
  • N35-60
  • N55-90

Technical Data:

  • Throughput rates from 660 to 2,200 lbs/hr (300 to 1000 kg/hr).
  • Suitable for injection & blow molding, extrusion, and general-purpose applications
  • Hopper with inspection door for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Cutting chamber with discs and plates wear-resistant
  • Advanced scissors cutting action with adjustable rotor blades, reduces energy consumption, heat, and dust generation
  • A range of feed and discharge options are available to meet each customer requirements