N45 Series - Large Size Granulator | 1,750 - 3,100 lbs/hr


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The N45 Series granulators are designed for heavy-duty applications for the granulation of wastes from injection, blow molding, extrusion, and wastes in general. Available in two standard models and more than 30 versions, equipped with hopper and screen cradle that can be easily opened for quick cleaning and maintenance. These quiet, energy-efficient granulators produce quality regrind due to low rotor speed, high angle cutting action, and rotating end disks. These compact models feature tangential feed cutting chambers, three different rotor styles – all with scooped rotor design, at throughput rates from 1750 to 3100 lbs/hr (800 to 1400 kg/hr).


  • N45-100
  • N45-160

Technical Data:

  • Throughput rates from 1750 to 3100 lbs/hr (800 to 1400 kg/hr).
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications, for blow molding, extrusion, and general-purpose applications
  • Designed for an effective high-quality regrind of plastics, rubber, light metals, and wastes in general
  • Two basic models, over 30 versions available
  • Hopper and screen cradles are of easy access for quick cleaning and maintenance
  • Advanced scissors cutting action, reduces energy consumption, heat, and dust generation
  • Fully sound enclosed for low operating noise level
  • A range of feed and discharge options are available to meet each customer requirements