N/S 60 Series - Large Size Granulators | 2,200 - 4,630 lbs/hr


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60 Series granulators are designed for efficient size reduction of plastic and waste. They are ideal for heavy-duty applications beside-the-machine processing of injection, blow molding, extrusion scrap, and general-purpose applications. These energy-efficient granulators produce quality regrind due to low rotor speed, high angle cutting action, and rotating end disks. These compact models feature tangential feed cutting chambers, three different rotor styles – all with scooped rotor design, at throughput rates from 2200 to 4630 lbs/hr (1000 to 2100 kg/hr).


  • N60-100
  • S60-160

Technical Data:

  • Throughput rates from 2200 to 4630 lbs/hr (1000 to 2100 kg/hr)
  • Cutting chamber: ø 609 mm
  • Designed for efficient size reduction of plastic and waste
  • Large feed opening for easy feeding
  • Hydraulic operated, for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Anti-vibration mounts, eliminate special foundations
  • Robust construction, for the long reliable operating life
  • Advanced “Twin Shear” cutting action, reduces energy consumption, heat, and dust generation
  • Various feed and discharge options are available to meet customers' requirements


  • Injection
  • Blow molding
  • Extrusion• Rotational
  • Film
  • Recycling

Designed For:

  • Large wastes from purgings and casts
  • Tubes and profiles with large diameter
  • Power cables
  • Large plastic parts
  • Granulation of bottles in bulk