S30 Series - Medium Size Granulator | 440 - 660 lbs/hr


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The UDS30-50 granulator is an ideal general-purpose granulator for beside-the-machine processing of injection, blow molding, and extrusion scrap. This compact, quiet, energy-efficient granulator produces high quality regrind due to low rotor speed, and high angle cutting action. The UDS30-50 is a fully soundproofed granulator featuring a tangential feed cutting chamber, 3 blade open rotor with scooped rotor design, and throughput rates from 440 to 660 lbs/hr (200 to 300 kg/hr).


  • S30-50

Technical Data:

  • Throughput rates from 440 to 660 lbs/hr (200 to 300 kg/hr)
  • Cutting chamber: ø 305 mm
  • Designed for beside the press operation (injection, blow molding, and extrusion) and general-purpose operation
  • IP55 control cabinet and electric motor
  • Quick opening and easy cleaning
  • Fully sound enclosed for low operating noise level
  • A range of feed and discharge options are available to meet each customer's requirements
  • Advanced scissors cutting action, reduces energy. Consumption, heat, and dust generation


  • Injection
  • Blow molding
  • Extrusion

Designed for: 

  • Small pieces of scrap and sprues
  • Small diameter tubes and profiles
  • Pieces of scrap which have already been reduced in size
  • Power cables