News - Ensign Expansion

At Adams Engineers & Equipment, we choose to work with the very best equipment manufacturers so that the products you receive are the best for your business and operation. We select equipment manufacturers that prioritize growth, research and development, and new technologies. With that being said, one of our long time partners has expanded to better serve each customer. Ensign Equipment, one of our manufacturers of bulk material handling equipment, has recently completed their 10,000 square foot facility expansion "will nearly double Ensign's assembly space, giving much-needed breathing room for the continued growth experienced due to higher demands for automated material handling solutions."

This facility will shorten lead times for product orders, so if you are in the market for mixers, blenders, conveyors, dumpers, filler,s or an entire material handling system, we can help you find the best products for your plant. Request a quote today to learn more about equipment specifications, pricing, lead times, and more.

Extended Pivot Reliant Container Dumper

Bulk Bag/ SuperSac Unloaders

Integrated Systems

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