NexGen Rotary


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ALPS NexGen Rotary container leak inspection systems are designed to ensure production line quality through 100% inspection for the most critical defects. The system performs a functional test of the container and seal surface integrity using a pressure decay test method. Defective containers are automatically detected and ejected.
On-line leak testing supports quality goals, light-weighting initiatives, increased use of recycled material, and the introduction of new container types and processes.

Features and Benefits
  • Quick-Lock No-Tool Change Parts Tooling.
  • 10-15 minute changeovers requiring no tools.
  • ALPS “LTC” Leak Test Controllers on each station.
  • Boom-mounted Color Touch Screen Interface.
  • Integrated ‘Self Test’ Function.
  • Ethernet Capability.
  • High and Low Voltage Control Boxes.
  • Turntable Vacuum System option (U.S. Patent #7,559,232).
  • Topload and Height options.
  • Laser Code option.